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testimonies from satisfied followers (u can improve this list by extending it) 

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idk gender 

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more pronoun stuff bc pronouns in german are complicated, pers 

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pers, shitpost meta 

uuuh genital-based objectivization and its socioemotional impact? also sexuality adj 

People recently active on the "look-at-this-idiot" site annoyed about the absence of the "look-at-this-idiot" button.

phii love language 



* making any statement about intelligence. it's not real. it's made up. any terminology indicating negative intelligence is eugenicist and ableist. and any terminology indicating positive intelligence is still - ableist and eugenicist.

* using words which refer to physical disability as anything other than descriptors. like, this one's obvious, right? something being bad is unrelated to the ability to walk, for an example of one I still hear often.

If you want to insult someone, criticize them based on their actual merits (such as pointing out harmful behavior they're engaged in) instead of some arbitrary, ableist statement about intellectual ability. If you want to say something isn't cool, guess what? There are words for that!

And like. I'm not perfect here. I've been on a quest to purge ableism from my vocabulary since I got to Fedi more than three years ago, and I still slip up from time to time. But please try. Good thoughts engender good words engender good deeds.

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Dog girls make some noise!!! (They dont shut up for hours)

you can always make fun of white people. it's never racist

Poll for my fellow #transfem brethren to see how deeply #Thinkpad runs in our culture.

Share this experiment. :QueerCat_Trans:​

PSA about transmisogyny and interactions as a transfemme, long, violence ment 

even worse, non-serious pickup line(?) at reader; re: bad cursed lewd food 

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transfem hrt shitpost 

calling out a problematic bot 

dinosaur sex fun fact, shitpost, silly 

thinking about tonight's dream where i was a girl trapped in the wilderness of Jurassic World and found out that the raptors are actually just goats that someone painted green and who are wearing little papmache teeths and stuff to look more scary


transfem hrt kink shitpost 

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