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testimonies from satisfied followers (u can improve this list by extending it) 

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idk gender 

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more pronoun stuff bc pronouns in german are complicated, pers 

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pers, shitpost meta 


misgendering-adj vent-adj but also lmao-adj; comedic exaggeration; subtooty 

mastotech lmao 

minetest content db wtf?? 

its been established that everyone loves walkies but please consider also: belly rubs

pyjamas~, trauma-adj 

super silly kink shitpost, bodily fluids, cursed, somewhat explicit for a shitpost 

dating shitpost, food (vegan) 

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lewd shitpost, food (vegan) 

minetest game development, +, pixelated non-vegan vegetarian food 

fun fact (cw acab shitpost) 


seriously tho; re: minetest angery awawawa 

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minetest angery awawawa 

This is a cry for help and it took me hours to write this. Boost welcome.

I have a job as an IT technician since January. After taxes I get 1350 bucks (entry level).

515,77 is my rent and then there's bills and (chronic illness) the cost of medication.

I even skip meals to save money... Not helpful when trying to recover from anorexia.

Now people can throw me money without me panicking over having to ask for it.

I don't really expect much usage, but anything helps.

laser hair removal question, boosts okay 

re: lewd shitpost, foss 

lewd shitpost, foss 

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