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if you use patches for HRT I highly recommend covering them with tegaderm patches (the kind they use for IVs) it stops any gunk from building up around the patch and keeps it on for the entire 3-4 days

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Oh yeah in the US you don't usually get crushed by anvils falling out of the sky but that's because the catching anvils that fall out of the sky company catch most of the anvils and they spend a lot of money lobbying to keep the throwing anvils in the air companies legal

The throwing anvils into the air companies don't make their money by throwing anvils into the air, they're always suing each other for copyright infringement on anvil throwing processes and most of their actual funding comes from the anvil catching company, well that and stocks since everyone expects them to keep growing so long as the anvil catching company exists which is a long time because catching anvils falling out of the sky is an essential service otherwise people would get crushed by falling anvils

Also the anvil catching company's founder and CEO married his seven daughters to the incel sons of senators, which is good because his family has a long history of keeping to itself, he made his fortune inventing the anvil catching device after pearl harbor happened and he thought they were gonna drop anvils on the US

His brother started the anvil throwing company as a scheme to get Americans afraid of falling anvils

Anyway they all pay their workers sub minimum wage because they got anvil throwing and catching to be considered a form of restaurant service (which is why you tip anvil catchers when you see them though now they all work at the anvil catching centers since that's where the anvils are thrown)

But yeah that's how Americans don't get crushed by falling anvils, how does the rest of the world do it?

tried casting Detect Hot Doggogirl and the spell's just going beep beep beep no matter where i move with it. has anyone else experienced this

i'm so glad my friends aren't me tbh, imagine how terrible it'd be for them to be me and therefore not have a phii around anymore

mutuals, what would you do if you were parachuting with a doggirl and suddenly it refused to open its parachute unless you give it a treat or perhaps a piece of cheese

(the correct answer would be to let it fall to its death or at least kick its ass bc saying smth like this would be rlly evil and manipulative, but i'm just being silly here)

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water pouring accident at work 

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