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I finished open-sourcing my instance's Mastodon fork yesterday!
It's optimized for use in single-user instances like mine, where every user has the competence and responsibility expected of an admin and extends the things you can do to truly center your instance around yourself. ✨

The code is open-sourced on GitHub:


I even comes with a dockerfile to edit toots on your local instance, to fix up small spelling errors and the like you made! 🐳 ✨

(and in case you are wondering about the name's origins; it's a fusion of "single-user instance" and "mastodon", though I admit the result might sound slightly misleading πŸ˜…)

:BoostsOkAndMuchAppreciated: :OpinionsAndFeedbackOkayAndMuchAppreciated: :GitHubStarsOkayAndMuchAppreciated2:

I somehow forgot to post the images of the creation process of my jar-lighting-thing that I wanted to post, so here I go:

  • The left-side image shows the wooden coasters into whom I put my LEDs and onto whim I put the planted jars.
  • The right-side image shows the tiny lampshade that I made for the LED in my bigger jar, to stop the light from shining out directly and create the illusion that it is the reflective water that is lighting.
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content warning: plant health (update) :GreenWaterWeed: :CheerfullGreenSeaWeadWithLeaves: :DepressingThickGreenSeaWeed: 

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After some re-consideration, I noticed that (a) the first of these images looks somewhat Christianity-inspired because of the cross in the background, so here's a "fixed" version where the background is more enby and less minimalist, and (b) I should have included the image on a white background in the original post πŸ˜…

I also made (c), because I think that having a yellow circle in the background does a great job at uniting and keeping together the different elements of the image, making it more symmetrical and compact. :QueerCat_Enby:

The full resolution on a transparent background can be found here and here for the one with the yellow circle.

from left to right: (a), (b), (c)

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Here's something I made, because I came up with this pun and couldn't stop myself from doing it πŸ‘€

On the left is my design (with a yellow-striped background), and on the right is how it'd look if it was printed on a T-shirt (since I was playing with that idea).

I might license this image under Creative Commons in the future, though I am not yet sure what I will use it for and will thus refrain from it for now. πŸ€”

Announcement: my instance will be down for a view hours starting now, since I'm in university for a while now, and I take my server (aka my laptop) with me πŸ‘€

An important thing I (as well as everyone else who makes software in their free time) need to learn for my mental health is that I do, in fact, not need to keep actively adding new features to an already-finished blatantly-boring project of me that almost noone uses, and that I can, in fact, just refrain from adding that tiny little optimization that I was thinking of that noone else even asked for or even knew was possible, and that I can instead either start a new project and leave the other ones on low-maintenance, or do cool stuff with plants. 🐌 :WaterLettuce: πŸ’‘

I love when you put noodles from a box into a frying pan, and they end up sticking together in the shape of the box within the pan πŸ‘€

Gotta be one of my favorite food aesthetics ✨

fashion advice, asking for a friend lol 

And also, even though it's somewhat late for this (it's 23:27 on the last day of Pride Month in my timezone), here is a pride-themed version of this setup! :BlueLightBulbUpsideDown: 🌈

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I used the last view days (or at least portions of them) to work on some lightning for my planted jars (the main one as well as the ones with the water lettuces), and I am proud to announce that I finished it and think it turned out well!

The lights I used are tiny waterproof LEDs with exchangeable batteries that can be turned on & off with a remote control, and even change their color, so I merely had to manually saw some wood for the edging of the lights).

I just (well, actually a couple of hours ago) had one of the most delicious breakfasts in a while! πŸ˜‹

For context, my grandmother brought some potato salad and (vegetarian) meatballs downstairs for us to have as a breakfast, so it's not actually something I made (or could make) myself πŸ˜…

On a related note, I heard that underscores in image alt texts are really bad for screenreader users, and that the same (to a lesser extent) can be said about CamelCase, so why does Mastodon use an emoji's shortcode (e.g. ":foo_barBaz:") as its alt text rather than a modified version with the seperate parts separated by whitespace (e.g. "foo bar Baz")?

That's how I've been doing it with my markdown converter, and I feel like it wouldn't be too difficult for other software to do it the same way, though I am obviously not qualified to speak on this for blind and otherwise vision-impaired people, so please feel free to call me out if this is the wrong approach to this.

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I really feel like the way emoji shortcodes are handles by most software wastes potential...

Like, most social platforms them now, like Mastodon, Signal, Telegram and Discord, and most of these platforms support custom emojis in some form (Mastodon as emojis, Discord known as emotos). Yet none of them allow adding a custom emoji in the form of a link! Like, if I can write :thumbs_up: to get πŸ‘, then why can't I write :https:// to get :icon: , for example?

Anyways, my markdown-converter gh-md-to-html now has that feature, so you can use standard emoji shortcodes within it as well as any image as an emoji that you might want to use.

You can view it at

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It's involuntarily funny how the water lettuce emoji looks worse in small than it looks in full scale, whilst the moss emoji works better scaled down than it does full-sized xD

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I wonder if something like this could work? It's what I'm thinking about doing to create a kind of swamp-moss-terrarium. :moss: :moss: :moss:

The wall in the middle would be completely water-permeable and merely meant to keep the substrate in the right-side half (I'd probably also have to use a water-permeable substrate, I guess?), and I would need to adjust the water height and regularly re-fill it, but apart from that, it should ideally be relatively easy to sustain?

content warning: plant health, mold :GreenWaterWeed: :CheerfullGreenSeaWeadWithLeaves: :DepressingThickGreenSeaWeed: 

I actually went ahead and made the idea with the lightning planted jar reality! I combined two toothpicks (both of whom have, ironically, a snail shell as a decoration at their end) with duck tape and taped a USB-rechargeable bottle light to them (so the part with the USB plug and the LED can still be removed to re-charge it), and it's now hanging in the jar's opening and illuminating my micro underwater world! :BlueLightBulbUpsideDown: :DetailedWaterWeeds: 🐌

I feel like the blue light is somewhat cold, though, so I might exchange it for a warmer light sometime. πŸ€”

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My personal mastodon instance, where I toot about whatever I find tootworthy.

This instance's visual theme of trash and junk yards (you might have noticed the footer of the website, for example, which displays a junkyard) is inspired by the idea that "one person't trash is another person's treasure"; that people's ideas, thoughts and outcomes of hyperfixations can serve other people and inspire them, no matter how little they are, even if they didn't serve the one who had them in the first place.

In a way, this instance is a garbage can of every thought I have and had and never used, as well as photos of things that never served beyond the moment (such as food) and things I do that don't serve anything (like having plants).

If it's a thought or thing that I am weirdly proud of and it is mostly useless, it ends up here.
Welcome to my junk yard!

(There are also links to things I'm really proud of on my instance, though, as well as things that don't fit this categorization at all; it's not like everything consists of little things.)