I checked the snails in my plantquarium again yesterday, and there were enough that I could see 9 at a time! That's pretty much the record until now. 🐌

I also learned that making photos of water-filled jars whilst having the shutters semi-closed, so only individual rays of sunlight can come in and get scattered in the water, is a perfect environment for making pretty plant- and snail photos!

Aaand I am thinking about installing a light to the top of the jar, maybe with some small solar panels on it, that shines into the jar, so I can activate it every night and have a nice shining aquarium jar, but I don't know how much effort that'd be and what I need to google to find something like this πŸ€”


I actually went ahead and made the idea with the lightning planted jar reality! I combined two toothpicks (both of whom have, ironically, a snail shell as a decoration at their end) with duck tape and taped a USB-rechargeable bottle light to them (so the part with the USB plug and the LED can still be removed to re-charge it), and it's now hanging in the jar's opening and illuminating my micro underwater world! :BlueLightBulbUpsideDown: :DetailedWaterWeeds: 🐌

I feel like the blue light is somewhat cold, though, so I might exchange it for a warmer light sometime. πŸ€”

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