I wonder if something like this could work? It's what I'm thinking about doing to create a kind of swamp-moss-terrarium. :moss: :moss: :moss:

The wall in the middle would be completely water-permeable and merely meant to keep the substrate in the right-side half (I'd probably also have to use a water-permeable substrate, I guess?), and I would need to adjust the water height and regularly re-fill it, but apart from that, it should ideally be relatively easy to sustain?

@phseiff A very impressive image description! This is a great example of how to do an in depth breakdown for other users. Thanks so much for putting in the effort! :)


@Superfreq Thanks, I'm glad to hear that! I was kinda worried about this one, actually, since it's so long, and I don't want to exceed people's patience with my image descriptions 😅

@phseiff IMO more is always better, but if you're worried, you could always do a short desc, followed by a longer one with a label for each. I think most people expect it when seeing your posts though because yours are always so good.

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