I really feel like the way emoji shortcodes are handles by most software wastes potential...

Like, most social platforms them now, like Mastodon, Signal, Telegram and Discord, and most of these platforms support custom emojis in some form (Mastodon as emojis, Discord known as emotos). Yet none of them allow adding a custom emoji in the form of a link! Like, if I can write :thumbs_up: to get 👍, then why can't I write :https:// to get :icon: , for example?

Anyways, my markdown-converter gh-md-to-html now has that feature, so you can use standard emoji shortcodes within it as well as any image as an emoji that you might want to use.

You can view it at

On a related note, I heard that underscores in image alt texts are really bad for screenreader users, and that the same (to a lesser extent) can be said about CamelCase, so why does Mastodon use an emoji's shortcode (e.g. ":foo_barBaz:") as its alt text rather than a modified version with the seperate parts separated by whitespace (e.g. "foo bar Baz")?

That's how I've been doing it with my markdown converter, and I feel like it wouldn't be too difficult for other software to do it the same way, though I am obviously not qualified to speak on this for blind and otherwise vision-impaired people, so please feel free to call me out if this is the wrong approach to this.

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