I used the last view days (or at least portions of them) to work on some lightning for my planted jars (the main one as well as the ones with the water lettuces), and I am proud to announce that I finished it and think it turned out well!

The lights I used are tiny waterproof LEDs with exchangeable batteries that can be turned on & off with a remote control, and even change their color, so I merely had to manually saw some wood for the edging of the lights).

And also, even though it's somewhat late for this (it's 23:27 on the last day of Pride Month in my timezone), here is a pride-themed version of this setup! :BlueLightBulbUpsideDown: 🌈

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I somehow forgot to post the images of the creation process of my jar-lighting-thing that I wanted to post, so here I go:

  • The left-side image shows the wooden coasters into whom I put my LEDs and onto whim I put the planted jars.
  • The right-side image shows the tiny lampshade that I made for the LED in my bigger jar, to stop the light from shining out directly and create the illusion that it is the reflective water that is lighting.
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