I finished open-sourcing my instance's Mastodon fork yesterday!
It's optimized for use in single-user instances like mine, where every user has the competence and responsibility expected of an admin and extends the things you can do to truly center your instance around yourself. ✨

The code is open-sourced on GitHub:


I even comes with a dockerfile to edit toots on your local instance, to fix up small spelling errors and the like you made! 🐳 ✨

(and in case you are wondering about the name's origins; it's a fusion of "single-user instance" and "mastodon", though I admit the result might sound slightly misleading πŸ˜…)

:BoostsOkAndMuchAppreciated: :OpinionsAndFeedbackOkayAndMuchAppreciated: :GitHubStarsOkayAndMuchAppreciated2:

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My personal mastodon instance, where I toot about whatever I find tootworthy.

This instance's visual theme of trash and junk yards (you might have noticed the footer of the website, for example, which displays a junkyard) is inspired by the idea that "one person't trash is another person's treasure"; that people's ideas, thoughts and outcomes of hyperfixations can serve other people and inspire them, no matter how little they are, even if they didn't serve the one who had them in the first place.

In a way, this instance is a garbage can of every thought I have and had and never used, as well as photos of things that never served beyond the moment (such as food) and things I do that don't serve anything (like having plants).

If it's a thought or thing that I am weirdly proud of and it is mostly useless, it ends up here.
Welcome to my junk yard!

(There are also links to things I'm really proud of on my instance, though, as well as things that don't fit this categorization at all; it's not like everything consists of little things.)