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To be more specific on why I made the script my previous post was about:

As I was making the aquatic plant emojis for my instance, I was fighting with the two-downloads-per-day limit for stock images on the platform I was using, so I decided to download images with more than one aquatic plant in it ("clip art sheets", so to say).
But splitting all of these clip art sheets into individual images, each one square shaped, with a transparent background and an even padding and the maximum px size that fits into the 50KB limit Mastodon imposes on emojis proved quite tedious, so I decided to just automate it!! πŸ™ƒ :CheerfullGreenSeaBush:

I think the following two images illustrate the purpose of the program relatively well;
left: the input; right: the output

To make my instance's custom emojis, I wrote a script that takes images with an even background and multiple elements on it and splits them into individual images, sized perfectly for their use case as emojis!! You can see & download it on GitHub if you want to use it (so far only works on Linux, though). :OrangeDetailedBranchedWaterPlant: :RedThinBranchedCoral: :turquiseTickWaterWeed:


( :OpinionsAndFeedbackOkayAndMuchAppreciated: , :BoostsOkAndMuchAppreciated: & :GitHubStarsOkayAndMuchAppreciated2:)

I should mention that these images are taken from stock images for whom I only have the Free Tier license, which means essentially that I am only allowed to use them for personal and non-commercial things, such as decorating my posts on Mastodon and stuff, so I'm afraid I am not qualified to legally allow you to use these if you also want to use them.
You can ask me where to get the stock images I used for them and make your own emojis from them, though, in case you'd like to do that! :D

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I happen to post a lot about my plants, I always suffered from a lack of aquatic plant emojis whenever I was posting about them, so I always had to use some non-aquatic-plant-related emojis to make up for it... πŸ˜₯ 🌱 πŸ’š

Luckily, I decided to change that, and I can now happily announce that I finally have a full set of aquatic plant emojis added to my Mastodon instance!! Prepare for lots of aqua plant emojis in my future plantposting!! :CheerfullGreenSeaBush: :CheerfullPinkSeaWeed: :violetCoralAndBlueWaterweed: :turquiseTickWaterWeed: :DetailedWaterWeeds:

I researched a little, and apparently, the snails in my aquarium are Physidae - a taxonomic family of snails that are really small, really tolerant when it comes to temperature and environment, pretty fast, air breathing, and living off algae and waste, thereby keeping the aquarium clean.

I absolutely love how I just took a piece of water weed from our garden pond, put it into a jar, and these little fellas where like "yeah, let's introduce ourselves and make Phi's live a lot easier by cleaning up their tank for them!"

(The image below was taken from Wikipedia ( and is licensed under the GNU v1.2+, and I think it's somewhat ironic that the snail in it moves across red pebbles like the one in my plantquarium)

I checked the snails in my plantquarium again yesterday, and there were enough that I could see 9 at a time! That's pretty much the record until now. 🐌

I also learned that making photos of water-filled jars whilst having the shutters semi-closed, so only individual rays of sunlight can come in and get scattered in the water, is a perfect environment for making pretty plant- and snail photos!

Aaand I am thinking about installing a light to the top of the jar, maybe with some small solar panels on it, that shines into the jar, so I can activate it every night and have a nice shining aquarium jar, but I don't know how much effort that'd be and what I need to google to find something like this πŸ€”

I went ahead and did it!!

This terrible pun is in my profile's footer now (if you're logged into Mastodon, you'll need to open my profile into a new tab to see it, though, or open my profile in the browser if you are on a mobile app).

I actually spend way more time fine-tuning my instance and my profile than I spend posting; might need to change that πŸ€”

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I know I'm five days late, but... Happy Pride Month to everyone who celebrates it, and everyone who's LGBTQ+ but doesn't celebrate it and still feels comfortable being wished a happy pride month!! Here, have a picture of a Pride Moth!!

(Also, happy Please Loose All Your Money Month to companies that profit off of Pride by changing their social media picture to a rainbow colored version in countries where it is accepted whilst doing nothing in all other countries)

In case you know anything about plants, I'd really love to hear your take on any of the following:

  • whether I even need to bubble air into the tank,
  • whether there is any way to make the water lettuce "more comfortable" in this enclosing, or whether I just need to move it out of there,
  • how to fight algae more efficiently (the tiny snails can't keep up with them, but I feel like any bigger type of snail would probably not survive in such a tiny jar, and I also read that water lettuce somewhat helps against algae by consuming all the nutrients the algae would like to eat, so the problem might increase if I separate water lettuce and water weed),
  • how often to change the water (every time I change it, the water weed gets moved around relative to the light source, which means it needs to re-adjust its leaves into a new direction afterwards, and the water lettuce hates being touched or moved in general, but on the other hand, not changing the water for too long is also bad, obviously),
  • whether changing the water by letting it flow out through the air stone (which is what I do so far) is actually a good way to do this, since it keeps every macroscopic inside the jar (but I am also afraid of accidentally flushing any of the tiny snails down the sink if I change the water any other way).
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Some updates on my water plants:

The water weed has grown a lot since then; it's reached its maximum size by now (to the point where it doesn't visibly grow anymore due to a lack of space, that is), and I also got a water lettuce from my mother as a gift to crown the jar with it! πŸ‘‘ 🌱

I now use a silicon tube and an air stone to breathe some air into the jar every evening, to help the water weed get its well-deserved CO2 supply, though I don't know how necessary this is even.

There is also a large population of tiny water snails that evolved in the jar, whom I can see crawling on its walls and on the water weed whenever I look at it, but I suspect they only much on algae since I haven't seen any signs of munching on the other plants yet. 🐌

I'm somewhat worried about the water lettuce, though. Water lettuce is extremely sensitive when it comes to condense water, and the jar caused several of its leaves to rot/melt/mold away due to it, which is why I extracted the lettuce and all of its newly-grown off-springs into a separate bowl now (can't be seen on the photo, though).

left: how it looked;
right: how it looks now

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me on mastodon 

Okay, I figured out the issue.

The link was tooted twice because I manually messed something up (changing the URL in my RSS feed). And it was wrong because my website builder didn't add a "/" to the end (I fixed this now).

So the link should've been

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It's even worse considering that I wrote a whole chunk of code in my website for tooting new blog posts and essays once I publish them, and I probably spend several hours maintaining and working on this thing, and yet I finished a total of two essays over the last year (and the first one was before anyone even federated with me).

That must've been the most useless piece of premature optimization in my entire life.

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Oh COME ON, don't tell me my website builder tooted that two times, like I'm a spambot or something πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

(I deleted the first time now)

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I decided to make a quick writeup about my website, the design decisions behind it, its architecture and why I like it even though it gets no visitors. I hope you find it interesting, and maybe it proves helpful if you want to code something similar!

-> <-

I really don't get why so many people don't like verbose use of adjectives...

If you use one adjective out of n available adjectives for every thing you want to describe, you're left with n different ways to describe something. If you, on the other hand, use a subset of all n available adjectives, you have 2^n possible ways of wording it available.

Being verbose allows you to be more precise and more nuanced, and helps you to somewhat circumvent the issue that language is much less expressive than human thoughts are. It increases the amount of different nuances of one thing you can express, because every "different word(ing) for something" has a different feel to it and therefore is its own word in its own right.

The same can be applied to every form of words and wording, not only to adjectives, of course. If you feel like saying something several times in several differently worded ways makes it more nuanced and closer to the idea you intend to get across, then go for it.

Don't let people tell you how much breath you are allowed to breathe into a single argument.

Kinda late for the resolution, but the one person (thanks to them! :D) who voted in my poll was right:

It is a water plant! ☘️ To be specific, it's a waterweed I took from my family's garden pond and planted into the jar I got for Xmas by my sibling, which was filled with Christmas decoration beforehand. I now breathe into the water a view times every evening to ensure the waterweed receives enough CO2, and hope that that's enough to keep it going.

You can see a comparison between the original Xmas jar and the plantquarium I made from it below! πŸ’šπŸŒ±

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Talking about plants, I got myself a new plant! 🌱 🌿
You may guess which one of the four Classical Greek elements it inhabits! :D

If my sibling was a plant, they'd be a sabling. 🌱

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My personal mastodon instance, where I toot about whatever I find tootworthy.

This instance's visual theme of trash and junk yards (you might have noticed the footer of the website, for example, which displays a junkyard) is inspired by the idea that "one person't trash is another person's treasure"; that people's ideas, thoughts and outcomes of hyperfixations can serve other people and inspire them, no matter how little they are, even if they didn't serve the one who had them in the first place.

In a way, this instance is a garbage can of every thought I have and had and never used, as well as photos of things that never served beyond the moment (such as food) and things I do that don't serve anything (like having plants).

If it's a thought or thing that I am weirdly proud of and it is mostly useless, it ends up here.
Welcome to my junk yard!

(There are also links to things I'm really proud of on my instance, though, as well as things that don't fit this categorization at all; it's not like everything consists of little things.)