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When enbies with it/its pronouns publically step into a train, they turn it into public trans it

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Can you please send me your favorite electronics, open source software, free media, and computer literacy propaganda posters?

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If you are an NFT of a pipe and somehow gained consciousness and need some validation, here it is:

You are an NFT-

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Tödliche Polizeigewalt, Demoaufruf 

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If you're not a trans woman, you don't get to say what is transmisogynistic or not;.
If you're white, you don't get to say what is racist or not;
If you're a man, you don't get to say what is misogynistic or not;
If you're a cis person, you don't get to say what is transphobic or not:
If you're not black, you don't get to say what is anti black or not.;
If you're class privileged, you don't get to say what is classist or not.

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Rolling coal is class warfare. In this essay I will ~ gendered language, slurs ~ hey I nearly hit the character limit on this one. which is 10,000 characters on my server. Beware, wall of text. 

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PSA (transphobia meta), please boost 


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My personal mastodon instance, where I toot about whatever I find tootworthy.

This instance's visual theme of trash and junk yards (you might have noticed the footer of the website, for example, which displays a junkyard) is inspired by the idea that "one person't trash is another person's treasure"; that people's ideas, thoughts and outcomes of hyperfixations can serve other people and inspire them, no matter how little they are, even if they didn't serve the one who had them in the first place.

In a way, this instance is a garbage can of every thought I have and had and never used, as well as photos of things that never served beyond the moment (such as food) and things I do that don't serve anything (like having plants).

If it's a thought or thing that I am weirdly proud of and it is mostly useless, it ends up here.
Welcome to my junk yard!

(There are also links to things I'm really proud of on my instance, though, as well as things that don't fit this categorization at all; it's not like everything consists of little things.)