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computer didn't show me any good ones

followers. show me puppygirl memes

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Hey phii the phrase creaming holes is gonna be stuck in my head all day i hope u know that

quoting liberals (not rlly), shitpost 

cooking the tomato sauce a partner taught me how to cook rn,,,, 🥰

xmas songs (not chaste) 

Shoutout to neopronouns and xenogenders. I wish anyone who uses them a very hell yeah

your a Dog Girl.....
that is so cool.... ....

reblog to give a trans girl a warm cup of soup

art shitpost 

<-- planning evil things (learning how to make vegan hot dogs for its friends)

tdor, pers- 

Pissed off at the media 

not serious opinion, pun 

shitpost idk 

intracommunity transmisia 

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my personal junkyard of rants, vents, sadposts, shitposts, good opinions holy shit oooh my opinions are so good wowser i love them, and yea actually many happyposts, too