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clowing on myself now 

subtooty, a bit mean maybe (sorry i'm just exhausted) 

🦆 exile shitpost 


transmisia, fascism 

---, transmisia 

The predecessor of General Grievous 

Sex, lewd, shitposty, star wars 


rate mal wie müde ich bin !! (cw shitpost pun) 

re: Sex, Male lovers in Star Wars ranked from worst to best, explanations 



abusers, mh- 

witches shitpost, de 

what a terrible time to be a duck who was exiled from her duck encampment 8000 years ago looking down from duck heaven at the humans down below 😔

🦆 exile shitpost 

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my personal junkyard of rants, vents, sadposts, shitposts, good opinions holy shit oooh my opinions are so good wowser i love them, and yea actually many happyposts, too