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floofy brain when it sees silly pol polls 

food (vegan), boosts oki :3 

mh~ ?, friends 

work shitpost, de, fake news headline 

fun food information !! 

mh- shitpost 

osha warning (cw food (vegan) shitpost, caps) 

content warnings, angry at (some of) y'all and for good reason this time 

tip, re: oss, design, confession 

oss, design, confession 

Saw this excellent bumper sticker today, and made a new doggo friend at the gate right next to the car. Such a sweetie, let out small, breathy whines as I petted him. And just look at those enormous paws.

#today #DogsOfMastodon #PetsOfMastodon #Dogs #Mondog

transmisia & climate change adj, depol, frustration w/ "leftist" spaces 

sister bday, food (vegan), capitalism adj i guess 

gamedev, blood implied, mastotech- 

PSA: recognizing drowning 

me whenever i eat cordon bleu and mistype it (cw vegan food shitpost, german) 

uuh growing suspicion about a social things? (cw transmisia, assimilationism) 

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